Who We Are

For over 25 years, Jenson USA has been proud to be America’s Bike Shop, to connect riders with the best bikes and gear, and to help Keep You Pedaling. Since the beginning, Jenson USA has been driven by our passion for cycling, and has proudly offered a best-in-class customer experience, a wide range of products, and unbeatable deals on an industry-leading selection of bike products—all quickly delivered right to your door.

What is Jenson Bike Shipping?

We’ve been proud to Keep You Pedaling since 1994, and now, we are proud to introduce Jenson Bike Shipping—bringing our decades of experience, and our class-leading customer service to the world of bike shipping. We’ve called upon our extensive experience and partnerships with shipping carriers to improve the world of bike shipping. Jenson Bike Shipping is the most economical, and the easiest-to-use process for shipping bikes and bike gear, making bike shipping quick, painless, and affordable, whether you’re shipping across the state or across the country.

Why Jenson Bike Shipping?

At Jenson USA, we’re bike people who just happen to sell bikes, and we know how challenging and expensive bike and bike gear shipping can be. With Jenson Bike Shipping, we set out to make bike shipping as quick, painless, and affordable as possible—all while proudly providing the high level of customer service that we’re known for. Customers Are Everything, Show Them The Love is one of our founding Core Values, and we’re stoked to continue this by offering this highly-anticipated service to our customers and fellow riders.